Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Contractually we can have no more than 165 students a day, and no more than 36 in any class.  We had more students than our district planned for us to have and tomorrow is the last day, contractually, that we can be over that limit.  The district gave us 2 more teachers and our counselors have been working feverishly to move hundreds and hundreds of students into new classes so that everyone is under contract.

I had 150-some students last week.  I thought I was sitting pretty.  But as of tomorrow I have over 160 students.  All of my classes but one are 33 or over.

I'm not such a fan of the leveling process this year!


Auntie Ann said...

Since introduced to this concept by an LAUSD parent, I've always found it odd: a kid starts with one teacher, but a couple weeks later might be switched to a different class. It seems very disruptive.

maxutils said...

Just imagine if you didn't have a union which you don't support fighting for leveling.

maxutils said...

Being on the high end is a compliment, both from students and counselors. Take it as such.