Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let The Children Throw Their Little Temper Tantrum

There's still going to be a quiz on Friday, whether you've been in class to learn the material or not:
The most coveted dresses for school dances this season show some skin. Cutouts, sheer paneling, high leg slits, short hemlines, and strapless tops are just a few of the popular styles that students are wearing. But showing up in one of these types of dresses meant that some students weren’t allowed into Bingham High School’s homecoming dance

On Saturday night, about a dozen students were denied entry into the dance at the South Jordan, Utah, school. While officials gave the girls who were wearing dress-code-breaking outfits the option to change clothes or put on a sweater, a few decided not to attend at all. Then, on Monday, with school in session, some of the teenagers still upset by the weekend’s incident staged a protest and were joined by 100 of their peers...

The dress code, which was relayed to students weeks before the dance, stated that dresses should cover the chest and back at the top of the armpit, and hemlines shouldn’t rise higher than midthigh when sitting.
Does that dress code seem so draconian that complying with it is akin to slitting one's own wrist?   I don't think so, either.


maxutils said...

As a a staunch opponent of ridiculous dress codes? You'll be shocked that I entirely agree with you. Completely reasonable, and the parents who bought the clothes should know better.

allen (in Michigan) said...

As the children of the children of privilege I don't see why anyone would expect them to pay attention to any silly rules and to be anything other then shocked to discover that the rules do apply to them.