Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Much Will College Students Pay For This Textbook?

This falls into that "funny but oops" category:
How can you tell what the perky teacher in that photo is really teaching her students?
It turns out a Thai publisher accidentally put a Japanese porn star on the cover of a math textbook.
As Rocket News 24 reports, the MuangThai Book Center had distributed over 3,000 copies of its latest math textbook before realizing its mistake.

The cover originally featured a bright young schoolteacher on a cute and colorful cover...
The article goes on to show some other pictures of that "teacher" from the same photoshoot. 

The ending of the article is great:
Let's hope Thai students find what's inside the book as exciting as the outside.

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maxutils said...

Was the cover pixilated around the genitals? That would have been a first clue ... or so I hear.