Friday, September 05, 2014

Are Today's Feminists Any More Than Just Shrill Banshees?

Is this really something about which to complain?

Maddox pretty much lays on the smackdown.

Or a spanking :-)

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maxutils said...

That was delightful. I must say ... the first thing I thought, before he started his true rant, was that's a CLASSIC Spider Man pose...and sure enough ...
But this is nothing new, either ... Red Sonja wore a skimpy chain mail bikini top; in my favorite comic of all time, the very Pogo-esque satire, "Howard the Duck" (Since ruined by an absolutely horrible movie) featured an incredibly hot woman who literally ... literally was having sex with a duck ..there was nary a peep about it. The only issue I take ... it's completely naive to think that teenage boys or women-friendly girls would not be excited by that cover is very sexual, but that's what sells. So... so what? Thanks for the link.