Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waterboarding of Terrorists? No. Fondling the Genitalia of Ordinary People? Sure!

That seems to be the logic of some, that's for sure.

In making the decision to elect Barack Obama as president, voters in 2008 considered all that President Bush had done while President and projected that onto John McCain, rightly or not.

And after careful consideration, McCain was rejected in favor of hope and change.

We were never told that the Obama Administration would stop water-boarding terrorists in favor of fondling the genitalia of all who refused naked body scans.

Obama and the Democrats decried the humiliation thrust upon terrorists in Abu Ghraib Prison as torture and humiliation, yet these same people believe the same humiliation and forced nudity thrust upon the traveling public is somehow OK.

At least none of the Abu Ghraib prisoners had their genitalia violated by the guards.

Yes, the post engages in some hyperbole, but not so much.

There's a link in that post to a picture of someone in one of those machines. She may as well be standing there naked.

And yes, I'll forgive the mispelling"genetalia" in the linked post. :-)

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