Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Pulling Any Punches Regarding The TSA

The following was sent to an email list of which I am a member, and I have received the author's permission to post it in full here:

In the now-distant past I wrote a paper on the "psychological conditioning" of the German people that was effectively used in the first years of the Third Reich.

The process of transitioning an educated, highly productive, capitalistic, Christian-based nation containing a population that was proud of its history and traditions to a state where the media was controlled, opposition was neutralized, the people were subordinated and finally forced into acceptance of the new order by fear, is remarkably similar to what is occurring now in this country. Incidentally, spare me the ridicule about referencing any subject in its final throes to bringing up the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, the parallels are now too obvious to ignore.

The Constitution was established to protect the people from the excesses of their own government because our forefathers understood the basic truth that a free people had to fear their own government more than any foreign enemy. TSA is a government agency that is led and managed by people who have apparently no understanding of the document that certainly preceded the TSA. The IV Amendment of that document further states:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

The TSA's argument is that we peasants can be secure only if we:

A. Subject ourselves to their intrusive and traumatic search techniques which many legal experts and even common peasants can recognize as little more than sexual assault that would put an LEO in prison if he/she did the same things to a suspect, or at the very least would subject him/her and his/her agency to a civil lawsuit, or .....

B. Not travel by air.

To carry out the mission under that criterion means that TSA will have to be expanded almost exponentially which will eventually make it one of the most powerful agencies in the government, meaning their budget will also grow and people and money equate to power in Washington D.C. Obviously, TSA has no incentive to adopt the Israeli system, unless it is ordered to do so by the courts, by the President or by Congress. Nor does it have any incentive to excuse specific personnel such as air crews, (ie: pilots, flight crew, etc.) frequent fliers, or previously cleared flying personnel. In fact, the only incentive it has is to continue expanding itself into a larger structure with more employees who will require more money to fund them, and through which they will exercise even more power.

Furthermore, their argument, if upheld by the courts, means that it can be extended infinitely to apply to the peasants or "sheeple" in other areas of American life as well. For example, in order to make streets "safe" it would appear that the police could conduct warrantless searches on persons with the option that if they objected, they could take some other route to wherever they were going. Or, continuing the "safe" argument searches could be justified on cars on the basis that if drivers didn't subject themselves to it, they could take some other means to travel. The ludicrosity (yes, I coined a new word) of such arguments clearly shows how spacious the TSA has become in justifying their unconstitutional actions. And they will continue to get away with this as long as the serfs continue to maintain their peasant state of mind justified on the false promise of being "safe."

Foregoing the argument that such searches are warrantless, can any sane individual with any semblance of self-respect argue that warrantless seizure of "fingernail" clippers is reasonable. Or for that matter seizing anything without a "warrant" specifying what is to be seized, is constitutional. The fact is that any LEO on the streets of America today is asking to be the subject of IAD investigations at the least, and litigation, loss of his job, and the threat of being subject to a federal law suit which can jeopardize not only his own resources but those of all of his supervisors and his agency, if he/she did a fraction of what TSA agents do every day with arrogant impunity.

Their attitude about the seemingly limitless power they possess has been documented by numerous witnesses and victims. It is undoubtedly reinforced by the uniforms their supervisors wear which have enough achievement bling on them that they would make a good Nazi proud. So they will continue to traumatize children, molest women, and assault men because neither they, their Secretary nor POTUS have the will to use their common sense because they have been neutered by fear of CAIR, the ACLU, political correctness, conflicting agendas, and yes, even gutlessness.

I trust that someone, anyone, will take the TSA, Napolitano and even POTUS to a court that will eventually determine the constitutionality of their actions. If what they do passes muster, then we are no better than the Germans, and in fact may well be worse because we knew what happened in the past and ignored it; we will undoubtedly have surrendered the freedom we inherited. From now on we will never again be in a position to blame the German people for permitting the Third Reich to rise to power.

The Nazis promised the German people "safety" from the alleged evil practiced by the Jews of Europe. Today, the TSA is promising us "safety" against Islamic terrorists. In both cases, all it took then and takes now is for "sheeple" to surrender their liberty, dignity, self respect and rights to the government.

And because this imposition on the Constitution and our dignity, self respect, rights, freedom and liberty as American citizens will not stop, we will eventually
look back and never have to wonder what happened to our country.

We will know. But by then, it will be too late.
What some will see as hyperbole, I see as fair warning.


Dan Edwards said...

Good post. I wonder just how many "Americans" know what life was like in countries where papers had to be produced upon authority demand, travel was restricted, etc. (Nazi Germany, Soviet Empire....) "Americans," as a group, do not know their history. And what is sad/bothers me, too many of them don't seem to care either!

Dan Edwards said...

PS. Does the TSA and its actions against our constitution mean the "terrorists" are winning?

Darren said...

No. I don't think they sat around pre-9/11 and thought, "How can we disrupt American life and freedoms?" They had no concept of such things. All they saw was dealing a blow against the Great Satan, blah blah blah. Very teenager in outlook.

If they're targeting our freedoms now, it's only because enough people have made that claim and put it in their heads for them.

The TSA's actions don't mean the terrorists are winning, but they *do* show the wisdom of the Founders in limiting the power or government--and our own stupidity for removing such limits.

Mike Thiac said...

I was reading this post about the time I saw a comment on Legal Insurrection and it mentioned a quote from H.L. Mencken: "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule it."

Kinda appropriate

Darren said...

Not kinda. Definitely.