Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How Much Money Did Teachers Unions Spend On Just The Propositions In California in Last Week's Election?

EIA has the numbers and they're staggering, especially considering that not one of the propositions had anything to do with teacher pay, benefits, or working conditions--the very topics on which unions should focus.


socalmike said...

A quick google search found that there are about 300,000 teaches in California, and we're all (I think) required to be in the union. So, 13.7 million dollars divided by that number of teachers equals....46 dollars per teacher. I got ripped off. I want my money back. I didn't even get asked first.
Darren, that's a lot of Twinkies and ding dongs for your new diet (see previous post).
Forty-six bucks. What a crime.

Darren said...

socalmike, you're *not* required to be a member of the union. If you'd like to find out more, email me offline (contact information at the "view my complete profile" link, add "@yahoo.com"), visit the site of the California Teachers Empowerment Network at ctenhome.org, or see the posts I've done with "agency fee" or "cten" labels.

socalmike said...

I've seen those posts, i just haven't gotten off my butt to make the change. I totally need to. Too many oreos.

Doug said...

SoCalMike's little brother got off his butt and made the change. Got my check for $353.05 just yesterday, thank you very much.

Mr. W said...

and yet our special ed teachers are being told they have to take 12 more units, unpaid for, to maintain their job.

Sounds like the CTA should be fighting for the teacher's rights instead of worrying about propositions.

This is why unions have a bad rap, they aren't for the teachers anymore.