Friday, November 19, 2010

Message In A Bottle

This morning, out of the ether, I received an email from myself, one I composed 5 years ago though and their E-Mail Time Capsule with a "don't send till 19 Nov 2010" tag on it.

I wrote about what happened that year professionally and personally. I wrote about my son, my job, my vacations, my net worth (which is about the same), my non-existent love life (which continues to this day!), and a variety of other topics, including politics:

I'm distressed that the Republicans have become a party that spends money like drunken sailors. I think President Bush is a good President. He's honest, direct, and means what he says and does what he says he's going to. I support the War on Terror and its sub-war, the War in Iraq. We can win both if we don't, as a country, lose our backbone.

What really jumped out at me? I now weigh slightly less than I did then, and can wear pants a size smaller than I did then!

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Mike Thiac said...

And even back then you were insulting the sailors by mentioning them in the same sentence as Congressmen....come on even for a pointer sailors ain't that low :-)