Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Liberals and Not Progressives

From Samizdata:

The statists who argue for the destruction of the dollar and for bank bail-outs (again) and for nationalised derangement of medical care and for green-inspired economic sabotage aren’t “liberals”. They do not believe in liberty; they believe in curtailing liberty. But neither do they believe in anything which it makes sense to anybody except them to call “progress”. Progress is the exact thing these statists are now trying and have always tried to destroy, and just lately have been doing a pretty damn good job of destroying. Progress means things getting better. These self styled “progressives” are only making things worse.


Mike Thiac said...

More accurately called Regressives

mmazenko said...

No, it's a bit like the RINO syndrome or Bill O'Reilly and Rand Paul calling themselves "populists." The statists that are being referenced are not progressives in the true definition. They are simply using the label to manipulate the masses. The Progressives, who are true populists, simply seek and strong enough government to regulate the more unsavory side of the free market, as well as the corruption inherent in the democratic system.