Friday, November 05, 2010

CTA President Thanks Teachers

His words, not mine:

From: David A. Sanchez []
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2010 6:20 AM
To: [deleted]
Subject: Thank You for All You Did this Election Season

We did it!

I want to thank everyone who turned out at the polls, who made phone calls, who talked to their neighbors, who attended rallies, who displayed window signs — everyone who voted for education in Tuesday’s election.

It’s been a long campaign season, but our schools, our colleges, and our students will come out ahead, thanks to your efforts.

We voted for education on Tuesday by electing Jerry Brown for governor and Tom Torlakson for superintendent of public instruction, and by re-electing Barbara Boxer to the U.S. Senate. These public servants have demonstrated their commitment to public education by what they’ve done in the past, and they will be advocates for our schools as we continue to face difficult challenges.

Don’t underestimate the part that you played in these victories.

Through our support, our volunteers, and our financial contributions, Jerry Brown was able to defeat an opponent who made this the most expensive non-presidential campaign in American history, spending $160 million. More importantly, Californians agreed that Jerry Brown will be the governor who can lead this state out of this fiscal crisis, bring collaboration back to Sacramento and help us improve our schools.

Thank you also for working and voting on behalf of Assembly Member Tom Torlakson for superintendent of public instruction. As a former educator, Tom Torlakson understands the needs of the classroom teacher, and as a legislator, he has consistently supported public education. He supports proven education reforms and will make sure educators are an integral part of the conversation.

The teacher-backed team of state leaders elected to these critical offices will help repair the damage done to our schools and to our state. Our public schools have been cut by $17 billion over the last two years, and the new state budget finally signed in October will mean our students will be shortchanged another $4 billion.

To ease the budget process in California, voters have wisely passed Proposition 25 to end the budget gridlock that has plagued California for far too long. It will end the budget uncertainty that has hung over every school year in recent memory

Unfortunately, California voters did not pass Proposition 24, the Tax Fairness Act, which would have prevented $1.3 billion in corporate tax breaks and restored that money to save the jobs of teachers, nurses and firefighters. We’re hopeful that we will be able to work with the new governor and the Legislature to look for other options to avoid the kind of serious budget cuts that have already taken place.

Although the election is over, our work on behalf of our students, our schools and our profession continues. Thank you again for all that you do in your schools and all that you gave to this campaign. I know that everything we’ve done over the past weeks and months will make a difference.

¡Sí Se Puede!

David Sanchez
CTA President

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pseudotsuga said...

I got a BUNCH of teacher's union stuff up here in Washington state, telling me over and over and over again to vote for Patty Murray.
Apparently teachers are too stupid to make up their own minds, and if not instructed to do otherwise, might actually accidentally vote AGAINST the union/democratic machine.
Yes, the country is in the best of hands...