Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How Did The Tea Party Do In This Election

CNN offers their take, which seems reasonable enough to me. I'd summarize the Tea Party results as "not bad", despite some big losses.


mmazenko said...

Not easy to identify a "tea party" candidate, but I'd say it would be a Republican candidate who was not the obvious choice of the party. Clearly, O'Donnell, Buck and Maes in Colorado, Angle, Paladino, and Rubio were those type of candidates.

They certainly didn't take the country by storm, as they don't reflect the mainstream. And there will be no tea party revolution in Congress. Though they might make it more difficult to get things done in this Congress.

I can't think of many that impressed me. We'll see.

Darren said...

No tea party revolution? Perhaps not in January, but give 'em at least as much time as Barack Obama has had :-)