Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SF State Passes Ban on "Flag Stomping"

Oh, but don't think they're patriots. It's the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah upon which you're not supposed to tread--the American flag remains available for stomping and burning.

It's those darned College Republicans that stomped on the terrorist flags. Why not just kick all of them off campus? It's what you want to do anyway. But if you can't do that:

Moreover, the resolution sets the stage for the College Republicans possibly losing official student group status and or ASi funding.

Good that they're so open-minded. Heck, they're not even ashamed of the hypocrisy and double standards they promote. Amazing.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

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Anonymous said...

damn....i might go to san fran state...and i was looking foward SO MUCH to walking on the hamas and hezbollah flag. you know, since SO MANY of us do it anyway.

honestly though...iv never heard of the flag....so wtf ban it? o...thats right...cause we're scared of being called racists when we do something to a group thats ALREADY do something to us. most of the time anyway.