Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Friends of the 1st Amendment

Who is the best friend of the 1st Amendment? Why, Nancy Pelosi, of course!

The left long ago gave up any pretense of supporting the 1st Amendment--hate speech, free speech zones, etc.

Here are some more of those patriotic liberals (DQTP!) exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

"Go home," troops that we totally support. You're "not welcome," good men and women of the armed services, whose service we appreciate so sincerely even though we don't necessarily support your mission in Iraq. Riiight. Tell me more about it.

Those messages in boldface above were spraypainted on government cars outside a newly-opened recruiting station in North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

haha, i find it hilarious that you say "peaceful protesters" when you are talking about your buddies, the anti-abortion pro-life communists. communism is when you don't have a choice in what to believe, you do what your government says and have no say in the matter. isn't an abortion a choice, a choice to not put a child through a childhood where there isn't always food on the table or a roof over your head. where they have a better chance of starving to death than making it out of the ghetto they were born to. under these circumstances there have been more criminals and ex-cons made than people who have done any good for their community. as for being peaceful, haha. please feel free to check out the entire article at:


Level of violence and harassment at abortion clinics
One source reported in late 1996, that there has been "over $13 million in damage caused by violent anti-abortion groups since 1982 in over 150 arson attacks, bombings, and shootings." 1

Many pro-choice individuals and groups blame these criminal acts on the most violent extremists in the pro-life movement. Some believe that the violent rhetoric heard from pro-lifers motivates the more radical pro-life fringe to resort to violence.
Many pro-life individuals and groups blame the violence on groups which are quite separate from the pro-life movement -- people who have little regard for human life.

I don't care if you publish my comment, i truly don't. but at least now you know the facts, not some opinion from a judge. have a good day.

Darren said...

I believe you posted this comment to the wrong post.

*I* didn't call the protestors peaceful, the author/judge did. Take your concerns up with him.

As for your "facts" about abortion, you obviously need to learn the difference between facts and opinion. When was the last time you heard about *any* violence at an abortion clinic? You pro-abortion people will jump at *anything* to justify murdering potential humans. Amazing.

Darren said...

Now let's try to either stay on topic or post comments to the correct post, shall we? This one is about the 1st Amendment.

Darren said...

Allen, I guess the only way *I* can become one of the annointed ones is to change just about every view I hold?

Not worth it; it's *not* better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Pelosi's assault on the First Amendment is far more poisonous. See here.

Anonymous said...

Allen, I am again greatly confused by you. You show such great wit and knowledge but often your insights get lost in the delivery (I think). First, the use of the word archaic is archaic (I am not original, see Levi-Strauss) and implies you believe human society is progressing forward. You stay consistent by attacking a sense of antiquarianism in lining up with 17th century Enlightenment thinking. Still, you go on to state (and I am not accusing you of outright plagiarism), “Royalty makes rules for the lesser forms. Royalty does not obey the rules they've made for the lesser forms. Superiority confers independence from the opinions of the inferior and from the rules that are imposed upon them.” How 15th century of you (Machiavelli) to reference “The Prince” or, even worse, how 4th century BCE of you to reference “The Republic” (Plato).

I, now showing how dense I am, believe you meant to write your comment satirically to expose the senselessness of Your Favorite Student. Thus, the above comment of mine is pointless and in line with most of what you wrote. If not, I am so confused by you because your dramatic and witty ending spoils all before it. With such said, where in the world did you come up with such an ending? I always understood such a statement to be of the opinion of James Madison and the founders of Republicanism, which is cherished as the ancestral line of modern conservatives (though I have previously ranted against identifying parties today with parties in the past). I guess a liberal might argue a “righty” ( a pathetic pseudo-derogatory term) version of the line would read: “I hold this truth to be self-evident, that some people are endowed by their superior MORALITY, compassion, generosity and sense of justice with the inarguable claim to rule those not so endowed.”

I have noticed, from Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, a trend to essentialize all the people of “opposing” ideologies to neatly identify and categorize perceived differences so notions of right and wrong, correct and right can be derived. I do not think it is so simple. I do not believe a pure “lefty” or “righty” exists. Some may be so by drastically more by degrees than others are, or even profess purity in ideological belief, but such would quickly label the person as equally “fundamental” or “radical” (assuming such terms are derogatory as well I confess).

Anonymous said...

"I have noticed, from Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, a trend to essentialize all the people of “opposing” ideologies to neatly identify and categorize perceived differences so notions of right and wrong, correct and right can be derived."

No, right and wrong pre-exist the identifications. Yet you are the one proceeding from logical fallacies, not Darren, particularly in your earlier comments about Jefferson.

You're working under two logical fallacies, both common these days. You're taking characters and events out of historical context by judging them by today's standards, and you're assuming that one fault (identified by that logical fallacy) calls into question everything about the characters and the events.

You cannot judge Jefferson by any standards other than those of his time -- and therefore, you cannot rule him defective because he owned slaves. And even if you could, you cannot use Jefferson's ownership of slaves to call into question everything about him.

For exactly the same resons, you cannot do the same with the Founding Fathers as a group. The fact that blacks and whites were not equal is nothing more than the historical reality of the period. It was the same in Britain and Europe. As far as that goes, it is still the same with black and black in Africa, where slavery is still very much alive.