Saturday, December 02, 2006

Navy Cancels Plans To Commission Ship In San Francisco

Personally, in light of the anti-military attitude on the part of that city and its elected officials, I'd cancel Fleet Week, too.

We'll see if this change of plans survives the politics it's sure to arouse.


Anonymous said...

Personally, what the military needs to do is this: The next time San Francisco has an earthquake, tell SF they're on their own! NO military assistance of any kind will be offered or rendered to San Fran. Sounds like a fair deal, since SF doesn't want anything to do with the military. We wouldn't want SF to be hypocritical and ask for the military for help after bashing the military.

-- Garry K

Anonymous said...

I would go farther. No Fleet Week,no shore leave or military leaves of any kind in the San Francisco area. No services for vets within the city limits, no civil defense, no homeland security, no ROTC programs, no National Guard. In the event of an earthquake they can call their favorite psychic, aurologist, Democratic spokesperson or guru to save them next time The Big One hits. Plus, if they don't want to add to the line of defense at that important port, then I think it's a defense weakness and should be closed.