Wednesday, December 06, 2006

12-Year-Old Arrested For Early Playing With Christmas Presents

This is just too funny not to post.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) -- A fed-up mother had her 12-year-old son arrested for allegedly rummaging through his great-grandmother's things and playing with his Christmas present early.

The mother called police Sunday after learning her son had disobeyed orders and repeatedly taken a Game Boy from its hiding place at his great-grandmother's house next door and played it.

He was arrested on petty larceny charges, taken to the police station in handcuffs and held until his mother picked him up after church.

Lest you think mom overreacted:

"It was only to teach my son a lesson. He's been going through life doing things ... and getting away with it...."

She said he faces an expulsion hearing at his school Wednesday. Rock Hill Police Capt. Mark Bollinger said the boy took a swing at a police officer assigned to the school last month. He has been suspended from school since then.

Mom said she'd rather call the police on her son now, than have someone else call the police on him for even more delinquency later on.

Missing from the entire article--any mention of dad.


Anonymous said...

If they were really seriously concerned, then why didn't they return the Gameboy or donate it to a needy child. That would teach the kid a real lesson. Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode in the making.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been called by a 26 year old (Full disclosure, I’m a police officer) and she wanted me to take care of a problem with her 8 year old. He wouldn’t do his homework.

Similar situation. No father/husband/significant other. She and her children (3 in all) were living with the mother’s dad in his house. And as always, she wants someone else to raise her children. I had to explain to her I’m not the father of these kids and I’m not here to raise them.

I would have politely told the woman to raise her kids herself. The problem is she's a child too and doesn't quite realize she has the duty to raise her children

Darren said...

EllenK, I like the way you think!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he get taken to jail for attempting to assault a police officer?

Anonymous said... just wondering....would this kid EVERY think about ANYTHING that would put him in jail again, if he was put in the same cell as michael jackson (but because he's not in jail, yet, a simple room would do).

mind boggling, isn't it?