Sunday, December 31, 2006

Coercive Power of Unions

It's no secret to anyone who reads NewsAlert (see blogroll at left) that the author isn't the greatest fan of many things governmental. I have a libertarian streak in me, but it doesn't run this far. Bartin's closing comment, though, struck me as exceedingly applicable to unions:

An institution that's financed by coercion can be nothing other than coercive.


Anonymous said...


I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to stop annoying you on your blog.

Although I’ve had fun, since you love to feed trolls, making fun of a lonely person just isn’t cool, and I’m a rotten person for doing it.

You’re set in your ways and I’m set in mine. I don’t think you’re open to new ideas or points of view, and neither am I if the source is you.

For both our sakes, I think it’s best we parted ways.

Take Care,

You know who…

Darren said...

What makes you think I'm lonely? Projecting again?