Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mama Moonbat Arrested

Now she's just pathetic. Even the liberal press has tired of reporting her, as evidenced by the fact that we haven't heard her name in months. This report? Slow domestic news day.

Update, 1/4/07: Via Instapundit comes this link, saying

The Sheehanoids managed to cow Rep. Rahm Emanuel into shutting down his press conference. And from the Angry Left bloggers who once cheered her on: silence. Browsing the homepages of the Daily Kos, Atrios, Talking Points Memo and the Puffington Host, we can't find a single mention of the erstwhile moonbat heartthrob.

It comes as a relief to realize that many of those who once treated Sheehan as a heroine did so merely out of partisanship, not hatred of country.

I'm not yet ready to give them a pass on not hating their country, but at least they're now, by their silence, forced to admit what a disgrace she is. Or perhaps she's done serving their purposes and can be cast aside.


Anonymous said...

Why are you putting it on your blog?

Darren said...

Because I like to point out how pathetic she is, and has been since she lost touch with reality and became a darling of the left.

Anonymous said...

Based on your comments, you seem to have a very visceral dislike of this woman.

As I see it, she has committed a crime, and hence her arrest, but is hardly worthy of such strong commentary. The people most responsible for her son’s death got away with it, in part due to the mismanagement of the Bush administration.

Furthermore, this woman has a legitimate grievance, and even those who may disagree with some of her viewpoints are still sympathetic. However, she is not a “darling” nor a pawn. For instance, I am positive that Hillary Clinton would like nothing more than for Cindy Sheehan to simply disappear from the political scene.

I know of so many who are so much more deserving of your wrath, that I believe you can do better than to mock a grieving mother.

Darren said...

She is a grieving mother. She's also an idiot and a pawn of the American Left. The two are not mutually exclusive, and the former explains, although does not excuse, the latter.

And yes, I have a visceral dislike for her. Perhaps she'd be happier with her buddy Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

"this woman has a legitimate grievance"

No, she lost that when she spat on her son's grave and scorned what he lived and died for.

She's nothing more than yet another crazy Marxist moonbat, too stupid to realize that if she were in Venezuela trying to protest her hero Chavez, he'd have her imprisoned or killed.

Anonymous said...

How would you behave if your loved one had been killed by Muqtada al-Sadr and his gang of Bush backed thugs?

Anonymous said...

She and her handlers are also extremely callous and belligerent in their use of soldiers' names without permission in her sick displays outside the ranch. Last summer the Dallas Morning News ran a story where a greiving father asked for his son's name to be removed from a cross on their display and they refused. So the father went a took the cross away. While she is entitled to free speech, I doubt very much that she has the intellect to manage as much of a PR campaign as what has evolved around her. A freind of my daughter was killed earlier this year. Instead of a media hoopla, his procession past the high school and students stood respectfully in his memory. Around the town signs of sympathy appeared on marquees and church bulletin boards. In this town I know there are people who oppose the war, but they didn't use some other family's child to push the point. I have no respect for her or her handlers and I betcha that after the first of the year, we don't hear from her again until the primaries heat up in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

“While she is entitled to free speech, I doubt very much that she has the intellect to manage as much of a PR campaign as what has evolved around her.”

What PR campaign? If she had one, she needed to fire her publicist after she held hands with Hugo, since that has to be one of the biggest PR follies since Dukakis on a tank.

You people give her demonic powers she does not possess.

Darren said...

al-Sadr's boys are Bush-backed? Wow, what conspiracy theory Kool-aid are you drinking for that one?

Anonymous said...

"Muqtada al-Sadr and his gang of Bush backed thugs?"

You need to find a new dealer. That crack you're smoking is some bad stuff.