Sunday, October 30, 2005

NEA Today Mazazine Sets New Low In Class

Yesterday I received the November 2005 issue of NEA's union rag, the NEA Today, and it remains clear to me that it represents not a professional organization but a blue-collar group of hacks.

On page 9 is a cartoon in which the President of the United States is caricatured. On page 10 is a picture of people wearing masks mocking California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While I'm all for satire (and it's baser cousin sarcasm), political lampooning, and mockery in general, are the pages of a magazine from an organization that likes to believe itself a group of professionals really the place for such images? Such low comedy is not appropriate here. It does my heart good to know (ok, it really doesn't) that *my dues money* paid for this union to mock politicians whose education policies I support, and I had no real choice in the matter.

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