Thursday, October 27, 2005

Important Web Page For California Teachers

This page is the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation's California Freedom Project page. Of the many links on that page is this one, entitled

Special Legal Notice to California Teachers:
How to Get the CTA $60 Increase Back and a $300 refund of Nonbargaining Expenses


Anonymous said...

Good to know your still stirring up stuff! :)

Dan Edwards said...

That is an informative website. My problem is I do not wish to "quit" the union. I wish for the union to deal with my working conditions, salary and benefits. I want to have a say, as ignored as it may be by the sheeple of our local. I want to vote for my state union officers, not just the local teachers associations ones. Hell, I may go nuts and actually run someday. I can't do these things if I am not a member. Damned If I do, Damned If I don't.

Darren said...

I understand those concerns. Since the district can't be expected to negotiate with individual teachers, they're going to continue to deal with the union. It becomes incumbent on the union, then, to work for the betterment of the teachers, not to just take their money and do what it wants--majority rules or not.

EdWonk said...

"majority rules?"

In our local union, a handful of "leaders" have each of our district's 11 schools distribute surveys, (usually by leaving them lying around in the teachers lounge, with no ballot box or other safeguards) gather them up, and tabulate them---in secret. The union then announces the "preference" of the membership, not the amount of votes actually cast.

The "majority" is whatever the leaders say it is.

Darren said...

Check your union's bylaws. Such activities may be actionable.