Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CTA Has Already Spent Its Extorted Money

According to the Intelligence Education Agency, CTA has already spent all the money its $6-$18/month dues increase is supposed to bring in over the next three years. This does not bode well for those of us who want to keep the money we earn, when CTA can raise dues without a vote of the membership.

Moreno (the CTA controller) described a $14 million loan (probably the headquarters mortgage) and an outstanding $20 million line of credit. But the key statement in the declaration is this: "CTA has already spent on the initiative campaign the equivalent of what the temporary dues increase would bring in over three years. CTA is in the process of negotiating a necessary $40 million line of credit."

EIA doesn't pretend to have extensive knowledge of banking and finance, but if the dues increase has already been spent, it seems the union will need further collateral to secure an additional $40 million. Where will this money come from, I wonder?

The answer, of course, is the members.


Anonymous said...

This was reported on Brit Hume's Fox News show yesterday. But of course, we'll never see this from any mainstream media source.

What if 75 does pass? What will CTA do to continue extorting money from its members, if 75 says they can't?

Lastly, if Iraqis have democracy, why can't CA teachers have it too?

iHug Trees said...

Oh, we all want the same democracy the Iraqis have. Have you heard the latest? Now, only 2/3 of the population that actually vote get to decide on the constitution over there. The Sunis are about 60% of the population, so if you can keep the rest of the population from voting, you're a shoe in! Sounds so democratic, doesn't it! Yay! Let's beat down the minority... hey wait... aren't teachers who don't agree with the CTA political stance in the minority? Wow! Bummer!

Since when are the minority in this country in charge of decisions? If that's the way we feel about everything, then I want my money back for every penny of taxes I've paid for causes I didn't approve of. Hey... why is Bush our president when I didn't vote for him? I'm the minority... listen to me! I shouldn't have to contibute my tax dollars to causes that I didn't agree with like... the Iraq War!
Duh! If you are so against the CTA agenda, then run for CTA office! Get more involved in YOUR union! Get... oh I don't know... "educated" about the officers YOU elect! You're a teacher with an advanced degree. How did you get that without using your brain?

Darren said...

Tech Goddess: ad hominem attacks are *not* allowed on this blog. If you cannot make your point in an intellectual manner, if you must endeavor to insult me to make your point, your comments will be deleted.

You have been warned.

You ignore the primary point. CTA as a whole can believe whatever it wants. It should not be entitled to MY money to fund those beliefs. If I *voluntarily* wanted to be a union member, I'd give them my money. As it stands now, my school district takes my money before I even see it and gives it to the union, to use for political purposes that often have no relationship at all to my working conditions.

Jefferson himself said that compelling a man to give money to support political causes that he doesn't is the very definition of tyranny. CTA couldn't live up to that definition any more if it tried.

Darren said...

Oh, and Tech Goddess? The Sunnis are a *minority* in Iraq. Not 60%. The Shia represent a majority, and a Shia-Kurd coalition against the oppressive Sunnis an even greater majority.

And all Iraqi adults are elegible to vote in this election. I don't understand your point.