Saturday, October 01, 2005

California's Exit Exam

The requirement that seniors must pass a test of basic skills before getting a diploma has been postponed before, and for the Class of 2006, this time we really mean it.

Except we don't. Edwonks and Kimberly both discuss the political firestorm in the making, as 20% of current seniors have still not passed both the math and English portions of the test--even after having had several opportunities to do so. Unfortunately, I predict they won't have to.


Anonymous said...

I just don't see how someone couldn't pass. In fact, in 8th grade a few of my teachers said pretty much all of us could pass it if we took it right then. The most complex math equation on it is y=x^3 and thats the "really, really hard one" they don't expect you to get right.

I know I didn't write a worthy essay for it, and it passed, plus my knowledge of Geometry and Stats is completely lacking, and some of the more advanced grammar is still kind of rusty, but I passed both the English and Math. I just don't see how someone could manage to not learn what it takes to pass the test and have actually sat through 12 years of school.

Now I know I might be skewed coming from a relatively middle-upper class school, but the state standards are the same throughout the state, so I see no reason for a student to have not learned them in 12 years. I actually believe that if you couldn't pass it maybe not graduating is in the interest of the student so they will continue for another year or through some alternative program and actually learn the basic concepts that the test requires.

Darren said...

Not graduating might actually be in the best interest of the state, too. At least diplomas from California would mean *something*. And people could learn early that there are real consequences to their actions.