Monday, November 01, 2010

This Is The Reality-Based Community?

One NYT columnist blogger gives 5 reasons why Democrats could beat the polls and maintain a majority in the House, and the commenters all sing Hosannas and praise. It's funny and sad at the same time.

Update: How The Left Will Spin the Election Results.


Fritz J. said...

You do realize that Mr. Silver is predicting a Republican gain of 54 to 55 seats in the house and the column is a CYA if it turns out that they fall shy of that number.

Also, to call Mr. Silver a NYT's columnist seems a bit of a stretch. The New York Times publishes Mr. Silver's blog, and while one can argue that a blog is a person's opinion and that columnists are paid to offer opinions, I would submit that there is a difference between a columnist and a blogger.

Darren said...

The URL for the blog is at a NYT web site. They pay him. He works for the Times. If you think it's more accurate, I could change "columnist" to "blogger".