Friday, December 01, 2006

School Attendance

I had a student today come late to school because he was taking his DMV driving test. Wouldn't have happened with my parents!

I have a student in Hawaii this week. Wouldn't have happened with my parents.

This school gives away a new vehicle for good attendance. Wish it would have happened at my school! No, I probably don't. I doubt it serves as a motivator as much as it does a reward, and a reward contingent on good fortune at that.

I like the remark from the person who described his parents' rule regarding missing school:

"My mom had the three-B rule: There'd better be blood, bone or barf, or I was going to school," (Associate Principal) Stafford said.

The 3-B rule. Gotta remember that one.


Vidur Dadlani said...

So that's why schools are short on funds.

The Prez didn't really cut back on schools, school administrations just aren't spending their money wisely.

O, and as for the attendence rewards, I do beleive I heard you rant about this last year, and I quote:

"If students need to be given extra incentive to come to school besides their education, they shouldn't go to school in the first place."

I still wish our school would do this.


Eric Warburg said...

Maybe you should give away your school-colors Kia Rio to whoever has the best attendance...?

Just a thought.

Darren said...

Rant? Rant? I don't think so!

I might have mentioned it. =)

And Eric, why should I give *my* car away? I still think the Rowdy Raiders should buy it for a SpiritMobile.

Eric Warburg said...

I've mentioned the car to my brother twice. He didn't go for it. Sorry.

Blame my sister. I always do.

Darren said...

Good call. I blame your sister, too. =)