Sunday, May 19, 2013

When You've Lost Jon Stewart...


a said... haven't lost anything.

Stewart clearly wants to believe that one scandal after another are really just bumps in the road and the government is really an instrument of great good.

Oh sure, bad things can happen but those bad things occur in other hemispheres and probably where the language isn't English.

When it happens here it's an aberration and sad mostly because it gives the tin-foil beanie brigade some talking points. It certainly can't have anything to do with the fact that the foundation of our form of government is predicated on the certainty that without forceful curbs on government power government power will inevitably be misused.

Naw. That's just crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the problem is, though, the GOP elite is still composed of neocons and Romney/McCain/Graham types who would spend even more money on unwinnable and immoral wars. Leading to further Police State tactics to "necessarily" defend us against "enemies." Rand Paul is a rare exception.

Darren said...

That falls under "opinion" and "surmising". What the Obama Administration has done falls under "fact".

Let's try to differentiate between the two, shall we?