Monday, May 06, 2013

Students Busted For Simulating Sex At School

Here's the CNN story, complete with video shot at school, during school hours.

I absolutely agree that the video is in poor taste.  I would hope that no parent would want to see their children behaving that way.  Absent a published policy beforehand, though--and there's no indication in this story that one exists--I can't see forbidding students from participating in their graduation exercises over this. 

My school does have published policy--seniors who do any number of things, to include vandalism, will not participate in graduation.  One year that policy made things very uncomfortable but it was enforced, to the credit of the principal whom I thought would fold like a lawn chair.


maxutils said...

First ... they aren't simulating sex. I know I've never had sex with a partner who was facing a wall, standing on her hands and shaking her ass. I'm not sure how that could work, unless I had a stepladder. and perhaps a ceiling mounted sling. So, that's ridiculous. Provocative? I dunno ... I guess it could be. But it actually just looked ridiculous to me. And then, there's the schools description of sexually suggestive dancing: no grinding, freaking, or dirty, what, exactly, are the definitions of those? Because I sure don't know what freaking is ... I could venture a guess about grinding ... and dirty dancing would be in the eye of the beholder, since dirty is merely an adjective. This is yet another idiotic school policy, poorly thought out, poorly written, and completely unenforceable. Because school administrators tend to be idiots.

Darren said...

I call BS, max. When you're proud of your daughter for appearing in such a video, then we can debate this.

maxutils said...

That's an entirely separate issue. I was hardly celebrating the students ... just pointing out that you may have overstated your case, and that the district's policy/punishment was out of line. My daughter would not appear in such a video, as she is not an idiot.

maxutils said...

And by the way ... I mostly agreed with you.