Friday, May 17, 2013

The Last Day

For reasons I won't go into, our seniors graduate this coming Monday.  The only reason they were on campus at all today was to do their senior check-out--and at about 11:00 they went to a local park and had a catered lunch.  The next, and last, time they'll all be together will be together will be at graduation.

Several asked me if I was going to be at graduation Monday and seemed genuinely disappointed when I told them I probably wouldn't.  If one kid had acted that way I'd treat it as a one-off, but enough asked that I'm actually reconsidering not going. 

And I really would like to hear one of this year's speakers.


mmazenko said...

Our graduation is an expectation for our faculty - and it's a pleasure to attend. School is off that day, and the faculty are introduced to great fanfare, as well as being the readers of the names. Not to mention, graduation features four speeches and four musical acts interspersed throughout the reading of names. It's a real joy. I'd say attend - and perhaps reconsider the presentation of the event at your school so more teachers would want to.

Left Coast Ref said...

Our graduation is a nightmare. Teachers are not required to attend, readers and presenters of diplomas are voted upon by the seniors (funny how those elected always have a large number of 12th grade level courses, but I digress...) and the students really couldn't give a rats hind if we were there at all. Each one of them thinks it is all about them, and don't care about the trappings. Their shenanigans are ridiculous, ranging from beach balls to inflatable dolls and condoms used as balloons. One year, a girl was wearing her grad gown with just her undies under. That wasn't a big deal until after the ceremony where she decided it was too cumbersome and unzipped, leaving little to the imagination.

Combine all of the above with the fact that we have ~550 grads each year, just the reading of names takes 45 minutes, and it is outside in our football stadium and the wind is usually blowing 20-30 mph, attending the ceremony tends to be skipped by this sophomore-level teacher. IF I were elected to read/present, I would DEFINITELY go, but that is a giant IF.