Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Results Are In

Last Monday I took the last test in my Statistical Analysis course.  As I sent it in I anticipated either an epic failure or an epic success.  While I guess I can't really complain about an 88% on it, it was my lowest test grade (out of 6) in that class.  Either way, success or failure, it certainly wasn't epic--but the relatively low grade also wasn't unexpected.

My instructor also received my semester project, in which I tried to model the number of points the San Francisco 49ers scored in each game over the past 2 seasons using passing yards, rushing yards, number of opponent turnovers, number of offensive plays, and other variables, as inputs.  After 10 pages of text (including some graphics) and an additional 12 pages of graphs and computer code, I got a 95% on it.

Just under 95% overall in the course.  Now I get to take the summer off--definitely not going to take an accelerated summer session--and come back refreshed and ready to go in August!


PeggyU said...

Congrats on finishing it in fine form! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done. Grad school is stressful. When I was getting my masters I spent so much time perusing educational research my eyes were crossing. Most of it was BS but you had play the game. Yikes.