Friday, September 28, 2012

The President

Lefties will try to change the subject because these facts are darned inconvenient:
+8 percent unemployment.
<1 .5=".5" br="br" gdp="gdp" growth="growth" percent="percent">-$4,000 in median income.
+15 million in new food stamp recipients.
$4/gallon gasoline.
+$5 Trillion in new debt.
U.S. Ambassador murdered.
Al Qaeda flag flying over U.S embassy.
Aimless in Afghanistan.
And he . . . goes on the View? This is not a serious man. In love with being President but utterly clueless when it comes to actually governing, leading the country. A failure in the job by ANY measure. 40 days to decide. What are you gonna do?
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KauaiMark said...

Voting ABO
(Anyone But Obama)

Mrs. Widget said...

That is one of my issues with the president. Look at his executive order of "dream act", did he meet with congress to develop something else. No. When he was first in office, did he say "health reform is a good idea, our team has put together a pretty good plan and we'd like them to look at it.?" no he essentially said. "you come of with one and I'll sign it." He does not want to wheel and deal and compromise. and frankly, he's lazy.

mmazenko said...

Two wars, terrorist attacks, recession .... and a record number of "vacation" days at a ranch in Crawford and fundraising events?

Actually, I don't criticize Bush for the time he took off or really any president because comments about time not spent at a desk, in a meeting, or on the job are political red herrings. It's rather petty.

A failure of a president was Warren G. Harding or Rutherford B. Hayes. Both Obama and Bush are certainly ripe for criticism - but the hyperbole of failure is not very insightful.

The View is actually very good public relations for any president as accessibility to a wide American audience. And it would be foolish and petty to criticize Romney or Obama for such appearances.

Darren said...

No one's criticizing Obama for vacation days, which a president doesn't get. Can't really blame a planned-for-6-years terrorist attack on President Bush, either, or his response to those attacks.

What we blame Obama for is that he criticized President Bush for things on which he's done even worse--saying that adding a couple trillion to the deficit was "unpatriotic", for example. For saying he'd turn the economy around, for example. For thinking that by his sheer force of personality he could stop the "rise of the seas" or make the Middle East barbarians love us, for example. For thinking that "leading from behind" and allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt was a good thing. For taking credit for President Bush's plans to reduce our presence in Iraq, a war Obama didn't support, and for trying to take credit in Afghanistan, a war he *did* support until it turned south on him and then it's Bush's fault.

I'm sorry, Mike, but by *any* objective measure this president has been an abject failure--your attempts to change the subject notwithstanding.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Heck, I thought Obama'd plumbed the depths when he started making Clinton look good. Now he's starting to make Carter look less catastrophic and that's a frightening thought.

mmazenko said...

By what indicators?

It can't be employment or stock market or interest rates or inflation or corporate profits or manufacturing growth or tax rates or military strength or favorability or ....


Ellen K said...

I do not understand this man or those who support him. Nowhere else is there a "war on women" than the sharia law imposed by the Islamist states he's so buddy-buddy with. And the DNC seems to think that all women consider important are their reproductive rights. I beg to differ. Most women I know are FAR more concerned about employment, jobs, the economy and the rising cost of everything courtesy of the secretive imposition of higher costs of goods and services because we must rely on oil from outside our nation. I do not watch The View. In fact, I feel that if I live a bad life my eternity would be spent watching The View in reruns.

Anonymous said...

Presidents Reagan, Bush and Bush went HOME on their vacations, and the security upgrades were done once. The Obamas, particularly Michelle, take vacations in expensive places and the security has to be done from scratch every time.

Mike Thiac said...

mmazenko this is bad even by your standards.

Two wars, terrorist attacks, recession .... and a record number of "vacation" days at a ranch in Crawford and fundraising events?

And Bush was handling the wars, the terrorist attack, etc. You may have disagreements with how he handled the issues of the day but Bush, unlike B Hussein Obama took his daily intel updates and make decisions. He didn’t go into Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, etc and go after going out every night refusing to take questions of reporters (“We’re buying shrimp, guys, Come on.”).

BTY, didn’t Bush stop going to golf course because it was bad form for the CinC to be playing golf while his troops were overseas. Barrack has played more in one term than Clinton did in two in the middle of the “greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

And he has found time for The View and a record number of fundraisers, but he can’t take time out to write the families of our fallen troops. Both Bushes (and Clinton if I remember correctly) sent hand written letters to family members soon after their passing. This "CinC" sends a form letter signed by an computer pen.

The thought of him getting a state funeral with a honor guard makes me want to puke.

Now this crap about record number of fundraising events. This is from Mother Jones, not exactly the Washington Times

Obama Has Attended, On Average, One Fundraiser Every 60 Hours While Running for Reelection

This weekend, President Obama attended the 200th fundraiser of his reelection campaign. By the end of Sunday, the president had reached 203 fundraisers since officially launching his re-election bid in April 2011. That's more fundraisers than any presidential candidate in history.

Put another way, that's an average of one fundraiser roughly every 60 hours for Obama.

Of course, Obama's fundraisers come in fits and starts. For instance, on Sunday Obama raked in campaign cash at five different fundraisers: He attended a "small roundtable" with a $40,000-a-head entry price, a reception for young supporters who paid $51 to get in, a fundraiser-cum-birthday-party at his Chicago home with a five-figure entry free, and two more private events in the evening. His total haul: $6.5 million, according to CBS News' Mark Knoller.

Obama's first-term fundraising pace easily tops that of previous incumbent presidential candidates. According to US Naval Academy historian Brendan Doherty,


Sorry Mike, your cornered. You can’t defend the man in any legit way and you’re throwing out stuff hoping something will stick. But the country went insane in 08, sobered up in 10 and hopefully is really pissed off by now. Romney is not a great candidate but he doesn’t want to make America a second rate power like your man-child does.

Mike Thiac said...

@ KauaiMark

As I said four years ago, I'm not voting for the Republican nominee, I'm voting against Obama.