Friday, September 07, 2012

Funny Leftie

At lunch today one of our leftie teachers acted mortified--mortified!--to learn that our California State Teachers Retirement System has invested money in Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's old company.  What, does she want CalSTRS to divest for political reasons, whether or not the investment is any good for us?

Tomorrow the Thunderbirds will be performing at the California Capital Airshow.  Yesterday and today they practiced overhead, making giving quizzes more difficult than it should be (if you don't know it, F-16's are loud).  Right after school they did a loop overhead, and this same teacher was outside marveling and enjoying the show.  Just to have some fun, I put my hands on my hips and said with as much faux indignation as I could muster, "How can they be up there wasting all that money when there are people here on the ground going hungry?!"  Her response?  "But they look so cool!"

I just can't figure lefties out :-)


allen (in Michigan) said...

Your leftie teacher's a child. That the world doesn't conform to her needs is a terrible tragedy and a crime that must be fought at every opportunity.

Provided, of course, fighting those crimes and tragedies doesn't expose her to danger or loss.

Splitting the difference she may feel being terribly upset about CalSTRS investing in Bain sets the proper tone but, of course, divesting Bain should only be done if there are similarly or nearly equally profitable investments with which to replace it.

After all, she does want the fund to be solvent when she shuffles up to the window so actual investments in morally acceptable but unprofitable companies won't get much support.

Darren said...

I still like her. I celebrate diversity :-)