Sunday, September 30, 2012

Linear Algebra Update

Grades in my masters course are based on homework and tests, and I haven't had a test since the 1st one.  I just emailed a homework packet, and spent the entire 49er game today on the couch working on part of the next one.  Within 2 weeks I should probably take the next test, on which I hope to do better than I did on the first one.

Tests are to be done within one hour--and both my proctor and I are diligent and honest people.  I could have used another 10 minutes on that last test but I put my pencil down at the one hour mark.  I wonder if my brain operates more slowly than it did in my undergraduate days, as math tests didn't used to take me the entire time allotted to finish.

Raiders are still trailing Denver, I think I'll go to the gym....

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