Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Linear Algebra

Even though my courses consist of watching videos that were made in classes a couple years ago, I'm still an active participant.  We start each class with some practice true/false questions, and I'm calling out answers!   What's wild is that I'm getting most of the answers correct, while the students in the class (whom I cannot see) are, according to the instructor's comments, getting the answers incorrect.  I don't feel so dumb!

And from the "great minds think alike" book, on one of the problems I needed to create a concrete example to help me understand.  I paused the video to determine my answer.  When I restarted it, the instructor suggested coming up with a concrete example, and he used exactly the one I'd come up with!  I mean, if you have to come up with a set that has fewer vectors than there are entries in the vectors, what size matrix would you come up with for a concrete example?  I came up with 5x3, and so did he.

I'm learning so much, but I'm really enjoying my "participation" in class.

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