Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"Protesters Block Buses"

That was the headline I saw on Yahoo News. I was disappointed, because I assumed it was conservative protesters blocking DNC buses and we conservatives aren't supposed to act that way.

And it wouldn't surprise me if my assumption was what the Yahoo headline folks wanted me to think. Fortunately I clicked on the link, and look what I learned:
On Tuesday, a group of more than 100 protesters shouting "Obama is a traitor" temporarily shut down official bus service that ferries around delegates at the Democratic National Convention. The protesters, some of whom were lying down in the street, were surrounded by Charlotte police, who used their bicycles to build a barrier around the group.
Who are these people?  The headline at the link tells us:
Occupy protesters block DNC buses
Popcorn, root beer, and a lawn chair :-)

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