Monday, September 17, 2012

Talking the Talk vs. Walking the Walk

California's Governor Brown sounds eminently reasonable in this SF Chronicle article; the problem is that he either can't or won't do what he says he will.  Each time push has come to shove, he backs down and does whatever the liberals want:
Gov. Jerry Brown is willing to remake California in his own austere image, but he doesn't think the 37 million people living in the Golden State will like it.

Californians face a "day of reckoning" this November, when they will have to make the hard choice about how much government they are willing to pay for, the governor said Saturday in an interview with The Chronicle.

"There is a lot of magical thinking in Washington and in Sacramento and, maybe, I might even say, Western civilization," he said. "We had it easy and now the moment of truth is upon us. ... We've got to pay for what we want.

"And if we don't want to pay, then we have to deprive ourselves of that which we would like, and it's very hard to get people to make that choice."

Brown said the result of his Proposition 30 initiative on the November ballot will be a "compact between the people and the government" that he will implement.

But voters need to realize that without the new revenue, the cuts needed to get the budget into balance will leave California a very different state.
I guess we'll see in a few months, but I'm certainly not holding my breath that he'll do what's right here.  Remember, because of a law passed only a couple years ago, the legislature needs only 50% (not the previous 2/3) to pass a budget.  The Democrats own this state's economic problems.

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Ellen K said...

How much of that magical thinking is perpetuated in a California state social welfare system along with pensions that a grossly over the top?