Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Working at Wal*mart

Here's one person's experience:
The best thing that I learned at Walmart was that hard work was recognized and rewarded. I worked hard and came back during a break from college to be promoted to work in the photo lab (more responsibility, higher rate of pay). I also saw many full-time employees that I worked with move up to become department managers, assistant store managers, and even move on to the corporate office.
However, I also saw the opposite end of the spectrum. Some fellow associates seemed content to do the bare minimum and didn't go anywhere in the company because of it. In fact, they are still at the same level.

In my opinion, these are also the employees that you hear speaking negatively of Walmart's employment practices. They want something for nothing from the company and they aren't getting it.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this Walmart story got past you.

Mike43 said...

I had a warrant officer who's wife worked for Walmart. They were ecstatic with the company. He'd get transferred, they'd find a similar paying job in the store close to him. Her retirement account was incredible, specially since she took it all in discounted Walmart stock.

Great couple, well grounded did well by their kids, all thanks to Walmart.

maxutils said...

Super. WalMart denies benefits, takes active steps to destroy unionization, bribes Mexican officials to allow franchisement -- this is everything wrong with capitalism.

Darren said...

They "deny" benefits? I would think they either offer them or they don't. That people think "benefits" are required tells me something right there.

As for bribing Mexican officials--while I don't condone breaking the law, I also understand how so much of Mexican law is silly, burdensome, and inefficient. THAT is what's wrong with a government having too much power.