Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mistake? I Hope Not!

Last week, while visiting my Alma Mater, I dropped into the registrar's office to request a transcript be sent to the University of Idaho for the masters program to which I'm applying. Since it didn't cost anything additional to have a copy sent to me, I requested such, and received it today.

Included with the transcript was a brief letter stating the following:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that Darren Miller, class of 1987, had a class rank of 28 out of 1047 cadets. This class rank is accurate as of 27 May 1987.

On 27 May 1987, there were either 1017 or 1019 cadets graduating, I'd swear it. Additional cadets graduated late, either later in the summer or in December, but they wouldn't have been counted as graduates on May 27th, so I don't know where the ~30 additional cadets came from to get us up to 1047. According to my Register of Graduates, our class graduated a total of 1042.

But the bigger news is my class rank. I've believed for almost 25 years now that my class rank was 35th/1017 or 35th/1019, but the mists of time have forever obscured the source of such beliefs. Only now I find out that I graduated 28th?

What other information is out there that I thought I knew, but didn't?


Steve USMA '85 said...

There were 1047 cadets in the Class of '87 at the time of your graduation. 1017/1019 graduated with you on the 27th. The remaining ~30 continued to fight the Dean of which all but 5 graduated. That is why the Register reflects 5 less than the Dean.

So you were a Star Man huh? Brainiac. I was 412 of 1092.

Darren said...

That makes sense.