Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who's A Travel-booking Rock Star?

(thumbs pointing at myself) This guy!

In the middle of this summer's European trip I'll need to take a train from one city to another, and only recently did the train company's web site start posting fares for the date I need, and I've been watching the fares change. The base fare is €79 each, but last night I saw a rate of only €29 each! Today I couldn't stand the possibility that I'd lose such a great rate, and since there's only one train on the date I need that has that fare, I called the cruise ship company (a cruise in the middle of a trip to Europe!) to ensure that I should be able to make the train connection--and I should make it without a problem.

So I booked it! Talk about a great rate! Even got to choose our own seats, and if I've done this correctly, we'll see some of the major sights as we pull into our destination city.

I get stoked over little victories like this :)

(Why am I being so secretive about the cities involved? Because I have kind of a trivia game planned for this blog when I'm gone! Talk about thinking ahead--we don't leave for 11 weeks.)

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Caribbean Cruises said...

You surely get us excited too, Darren! Will be watching out for those cities and for other related posts on European cruises. Cheers!