Sunday, April 08, 2012

Thankfully The Market Will Solve This "Problem", Not The Courts

Happy Meals are back!
A San Francisco judge has dismissed a proposed class-action lawsuit that sought to stop McDonald's Corp. from using toys to market its meals to children in the Golden State. The suit had been filed in late 2010 by Monet Parham, a California mother of two, and The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.

The suit had claimed that the world's biggest hamburger chain was violating consumer protection laws and exploiting children's vulnerability by using toys to lure them to eat nutritionally unbalanced meals that can lead to obesity. The lawsuit did not seek damages...

The Center for Science in the Public Interest said in a statement that it will discuss with Parham whether to appeal the case. The group called the use of toys to market food a "predatory practice that undermines parents, causes rifts in families and harms kids' health."
Any parent undermined by McDonald's' advertising, or who allows that advertising to cause "rifts in families", or who can't tell their child "no", has far bigger problems than toys in a Happy Meal.



Scott McCall said...

Second to last paragraph: "Any parent undermined my McDonalds...."

I'm sure you mean BY McDonalds

KauaiMark said...

('s too bad that blogger comments don't have a "thumbs up" feature)

Unknown said...

I'm surprised it got dismissed when you can sue for making food taste good so people get fat from eating too much of it. Toys in Happy Meals is just the next logical offense.

Ellen K said...

What will Michelle do now?