Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank You

I just received an email from Amazon--one of my readers has sent me Walter Williams' book Liberty vs. The Tyranny of Socialism on my Kindle Fire! I lack eloquence sufficient to adequately express my appreciation at such generosity and thoughfulness, but allow me to try: thank you.

(Since this reader did not expressly allow me to release his/her name here, I will keep that reader anonymous.)


Mike Thiac said...

You never thanked me on the blog when I sent you the jobs bio! ;<)

Darren said...

I had your email and sent you a personal thank you. I don't have this reader's personal email.

Tom Thurlow said...

Darren, that is fine to publish my name and URL if you want. We west-coast conservative bloggers need to stick together. Besides, I am a fan of Walter Williams and was looking forward to a blog comment from you about that book (if you care to -- if not, no biggee).

Keep up the great blog work!