Wednesday, May 12, 2010

West Point Cadets Invent Statue of Liberty Rescue Device

This cannot be true, of course, because we all know they're just a bunch of automatons and baby-killers:

Visiting Lady Liberty just got a little safer.

The "Crown Rescue Device," invented by a team of West Point cadets, debuted yesterday as a faster way to get a sick or injured tourist down the perilous staircase that winds inside the Statue of Liberty.

The portable chair - designed by the cadets for their senior-class project - latches onto the statue's narrow interior stairwell, allowing a patient to slide carefully down the 146 stairs to the pedestal.

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There's video at the link as well.


hmmmm said...

awesome! (for the army......i'm a devil dog's pup....) :0)

Carson said...

Im a baby killer? I honestly didnt know that.

Darren said...

Maybe, Carson, you just haven't had your baby killing classes yet. And I note you don't deny being an automaton :-)