Monday, May 10, 2010

How Much To Become A Medical Scientist?

A scholarship worth half a million dollars? Well done!

On Sunday, Washington will become the first black valedictorian in Notre Dame's 168-year history. In the fall, she will begin an eight-year joint M.D.-Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins University in its medical scientist training program. She has been awarded a full scholarship, worth about $500,000, plus a stipend to help cover housing and living expenses. link
Tie this in to the post I wrote just a half an hour ago.


Anonymous said...

It is an interesting education that costs 500K/8 ~= $60K/year for 8 years. And at 7% growth per year, in 10 years this will be a $1M education. At what point does this just stop being sustainable?

Oh, and great job to Ms. Washington!

-Mark Roulo

silvermine said...

That must be for the MD part. If you're in science to get a PhD at Hopkins, they pay you. Not a lot, but over a decade ago my program paid $16K per student per year. It beats paying them half a million. :P

Or maybe it's for really nice housing? :D