Monday, May 10, 2010

Teachers Union Budgeting In The "Worst Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression"

Delegates to the national union's (NEA's) 2010 representative assembly will be asked to approve a $354.7 million budget - a budget 0.3 percent smaller than last year's. Set aside your concerns. NEA has already appropriated $5 million for its political operations during the 2010 campaign.

The union's state affiliates are implementing similar measures. The Indiana State Teachers Association, having already chalked up a $40 dues hike to help pay for its failed insurance trust, will boost them another $10 for the 2010-11 school year. The California Teachers Association, which claims to have lost 16,000 members, will increase dues by $18 to $639 for the coming year. This insures that the $15 per member for "advocacy," the $16 for the media advertising fund, the $17.97 for the union's PACs, and the $36 for the ballot initiative fund will not be adversely affected. link

This might be enough to push union dues in my district past the $1,000/year mark.

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Anonymous said...

$639 a year dues! That's not dues, it's a tax!