Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Is Still The Law

Let's remember that DADT was passed by the civilian Congress and signed by a Democratic Commander-in-Chief; until Congress and the president change that law, it is the law of the land and must be obeyed.

And this woman may pay a high price, quite literally, for "telling":

A student who received a full-ride ROTC scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill may now owe the Army nearly $80,000 for the money it put toward her tuition and books after coming out as a lesbian.

Sara Isaacson was notified in March that she was being discharged for violating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” after informing the head of the university’s ROTC program of her sexual orientation in a formal memo, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported.

Along with the notice was a recommendation that she repay the $79,265.14 the government spent on her education, the paper reported.
President Obama makes noises about changing the law but has yet done nothing of substance.


Ellen K said...

Funny how things like rules just get in the way of us doing what we want.

maxutils said...

Sounds like a perfect test case. Unless she's just a complete idiot, an idea which I don't discount, this screams "I want to be the next Jane Roe." I hope she wins; the policy is idiotic, clearly discriminatory, and doesn't do any of the things the policy makers wished for it to.

maxutils said...

And, it's somewhat disingenuous to blame the Clinton administration for DADT. The military had banned homosexuals; the Clinton administration and most liberals didn't want to end the ban; they weren't able to get the votes, so the compromise was enacted. I think it's safe to say that if it weren't for the conservatives in the legislature, homosexuals would be able to serve in the military just as they are able to work in every other industry.

Darren said...

Conservative Democrats as well.

In other words, a large majority of the legislature--and the President.