Friday, May 21, 2010

Suing For More Education Money

California already spends about half of its state budget on education, yet there's a lawsuit demanding more:

California's system for funding public schools is irrational, unstable and in need of overhaul, a lawsuit filed Thursday asserts, and prevents 6 million students from receiving the education they are entitled to under the state Constitution.

The lawsuit, filed by a coalition of students, parents and education groups against the governor and the state, puts California on a growing list of states slapped with what lawyers call "adequacy" suits.


allen (in Michigan) said...

From the article:

Proposition 98...guarantees a minimum funding level for schools...(of) at least 40 percent of the (state) budget


One study concluded that schools need 53 percent to 71 percent more funding if students are to meet federal No Child Left Behind goals for 2011-12.

Which means, if my arithmetic is correct, that it'll take somewhere between 61% and 68% of the California state budget to meet NCLB goals according to "one study".

maxutils said...

Any time funding for a program is based on a % of the receipts, It is almost always guaranteed to be the wrong amount. How about we figure out how to run efficient schools for the least amount of money, then figure out a way to raise exactly that amount? Or isn't that 'feel-goody' enough for you, California voters . . .I just wish we had a revenue stream for stem sell research taking place on bullet trains . . .