Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Web Site

Teachers: Anonymously review a school's working conditions, principal,
and superintendent, or list questions you were asked at a teaching job interview.

I'm not sure what I think of this site yet, so I'd really be interested in your comments. Does it serve an unmet need? Does it cross any lines?


Ellen K said...

I would welcome a place where I could lodge a concern without fear of retribution. Right now we are dealing with an artificially lengthened school year for no reason whatsoever. Rather than a nine week fourth semester, we have eleven. The problem is that many of our seniors have to head to summer programs before we have exams. This is causing a great deal of misery as we must make different tests for those leaving early in the name of test security. This is ridiculous. Yet if I sent a letter to the superintendent lodging my complaint or observation, I would find myself magically out of a job. We go five days longer than any other district. And we are out two weeks later than most, meaning that many teachers working on Master's programs have to miss the first week of Summer I and the last two weeks of Summer II. This is nonsense. There, now I feel better.

Miss Maggie said...

Coming from a newer teacher in the process of job searching, it's an interesting concept actually. There are many districts in my state I know NOTHING about, and their school websites leave little to be desired. This website could be a good researching and preparation resource, but it also could become something out of control because of the anonymity and lack of accountability on the part of the reviewers.

It reminds me a lot of the website where students can rate their past teachers and classes and potential students can take or dismiss the opinions given by others. I would like to be positive and think this could become a great tool, however it definitely has the potential to turn into a negative b**** fest from teachers that are either unhappy in their jobs or teachers who have been recently let go by their school district.

I can see the potential but as with any website of this kind, readers just need to take what they read with a grain of salt.