Monday, December 28, 2009

Uh Oh

When I left for Reno yesterday, the weather report said "light snow" for Monday and only a 30% of flurries for Tuesday.

When I got outside today, the car was covered with snow. After losing a bunch of money playing Pai Gow, the car was covered again--and the snow wasn't stopping.

That was a few hours ago. The snow still hasn't stopped. The Weather Channel says 1-3" accumulation tonight with more expected tomorrow. The California Department of Transportation web site says that chains are required for quite some distance over the summit.

Good thing I have chains and lots of snackies. Wish I had some patience!

It sure is beautiful looking out the 9th floor window right now, though.

Update, 12/29/09: The snow stopped falling at about 3am, and I wish I'd brought my camera to show you how nice it looks outside. Oh, it's still relatively dark with overcast, but the roads look clear--and CalTrans reports no chains required over the summit! We'll be leaving after lunch.

Update #2, 12/29/09: Under ideal conditions the drive home would have taken 2:15, and today it took only 2:30. Considering what I was watching late last night and early this morning, I'm going to call that a win.

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MasonPiper said...

Well, Welcome to the fun zone, and my salary thanks you, Reno is not the best place for snow, unless you are down town/casino oriented, I still need a 4-wheel drive or chains to get out of my street, so good luck and be well