Monday, December 07, 2009

Another "My Union Sucks" Story

Forty minutes ago I posted about Detroit teachers and the pathetic agreement their union negotiated on their behalf. I've just finished reading another "union done me wrong" story:

After losing a court challenge, several teachers laid off from D.C. public schools are now criticizing the union for not being proactive enough in helping them keep their jobs.

Crystal Proctor is one of several teachers who say union lawyers were not well prepared in court when they argued in favor of reinstating the more than 250 teachers. "We don't think that the legal representation was competent," says Proctor. "Watching our attorney perform, it was laughable. It was ridiculous."

Another teacher Natasha Mason says she didn't get replies when she sent emails to her union representative. She says she's gotten "nothing" out of her membership. "I'm totally disappointed," says Mason. "It's a pity we've been paying all this money into people to protect us and represent us and to stand up for what our rights are none of it has been done."
Some jurisdictions (like California and most assuredly DC) are so-called fair share states, where teachers are required to pay a union for representation whether they want that representation or not. When the union doesn't have to work for its money, when it doesn't have to "satisfy the customer", when it's entitled to your money by law, it can perform as well or as shabbily as it wants.

Would you like to find out your rights regarding union membership in California? Please visit the web site of the California Teachers Empowerment Network and read my CTEN posts by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

i am a union member for 12 years and the last three have been without representation! ive lost money,vacation time and when you have indifferences they will not help.

Anonymous said...

I am a Union member for 24 yrs and I lost a position because I had a mark of 79 not the made up 80% that is supposed to represent a "B" grade !! They also voted that only those who are already union reps can run for President (No general membership can run for President).