Sunday, December 13, 2009

Coed Bunking At Columbia

I think this could be a valuable learning experience:

Columbia University students of the opposite sex will soon be allowed to share dorm rooms -- or, as the New York Post puts it in a 1950s time-warp of an article, "live in sin ... on their parents' dime"...

As of next fall, the school will institute "gender-neutral" housing on campus for all students except for freshmen. This will mean that students can select roommates regardless of their sex, and hetero couples can shack up together. You know what that means: Sexy time.

This is awesome. Let these kids (and yes, college students, to someone my age you are kids) shack up. Learn how difficult it can be to live with someone. Learn about the compromises that must be made to keep a "home", and how just enjoying sex isn't enough.

After they move in and out a couple times, maybe they won't be so quick to shack up in the future, when they're out in the real world. And maybe they won't enter into marriage blindly.

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