Thursday, December 31, 2009

Social Networking Media In Classrooms

Joanne links to an article promoting the use of Facebook, et al, in the K-12 classroom. At the time I write this there are only four comments and I agree with all of them.


Ellen K said...

I would love to be able to use blogs and social networking in class. This would be especially helpful to AP students who should be working on their own. But as things are right now, the three students in my AP classes that want to friend me on Facebook are being put on hold until after the class is over. There's just too much at stake right now.

allen (in Michigan) said...

I teed off on Bramble. Here's my comment from Joanne's blog:

I think Nicholas Bramble must be an ed school prof or at least have covered education sufficiently to have gotten familiar with tenets of promoting edu-crap.

There are the charming vignettes signifying nothing. There are the appeals and threats to the conceits of the professionals. There are the vague benefits which are, at best tangential to or supportive of what ought to be the core mission of the education system, along with equally vague implementation ideas. There's the lack of any cost-benefit analysis - it's just such a splendid idea that no consideration ought to be given to what necessarily has to be put aside to use this new phenomenon.

Also, there's the ironic description of the classroom as a sanctuary. I suppose it's possible to come up with other sanctuaries into which people are driven under force of law but in general I wouldn't associate coercion with sanctuary.