Sunday, December 20, 2009

Praying For Someone = Bullying?

I weep for the land of my ancestors.

A devout Christian teacher has lost her job after discussing her faith with a mother and her sick child and offering to pray for them.

Olive Jones, a 54-year-old mother of two, who taught maths to children too ill to attend school, was dismissed following a complaint from the girl’s mother. She was visiting the home of the child when she spoke about her belief in miracles and asked whether she could say a prayer, but when the mother indicated they were not believers she did not go ahead.

Mrs Jones was then called in by her managers who, she says, told her that sharing her faith with a child could be deemed to be bullying and informed her that her services were no longer required.


And let's not forget that this occurred in a country with a state religion!


Anonymous said...

Messed up. But state religion??

Darren said...

Yes, the Church of England--headed by Her Majesty herself.

Anonymous said...

It's inappropriate because it puts the person in a bind:

If they allow the teacher to pray for them, it is personally offensive.

If they reject the teacher's offer, they are both forced to discuss/reveal their own religious beliefs in so doing--which frankly are none of the teacher's business--and also risk antagonizing someone in a position of power over their child.

Donalbain said...

There has been a complaint of unprofessional behaviour. She has been suspended while that is investigated. Lets not get carried away.♦

Darren said...

That's not what was reported.

Donalbain said...

No.. but then you read the Daily Mail. Not exactly the worlds most reliable source of information.