Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Too Many Asians Trying To Get Into College

John at Discriminations (see blogroll at left) calls it as he sees it:

Fearing that a student body is, or is at risk of becoming, “too Asian” is no more (or no less) racist that fearing that it is not black or Latino enough, and the discrimination against Asians that occurs is the inevitable, predictable result of the discrimination in favor of blacks and Latinos.

I'd recommend reading his entire piece.


Anonymous said...

yeah i've been sayin' that for awhile, it's now a disadvantage to be an asian trying to get into college

Ellen K said...

We have a large number of Asian students-mainly Korean and Cambodian. While we have our academic stars-there are some kids who are simply average. I will say that Asian students are usually more inclined to worry about grades, but that fades as the generations pass.